《Electrical Engineering and Industrial Electronics》 is a basic course for  students with non-electrical majors. It is mainly to study the theories and applications of electrical technology and electronic technology. In 2003,the course was named the excellent courses of Liaoning Province; In 2013, was named resource sharing course of Liaoning province. In 2009, the teaching team began to teach the course in English for foreign students who come from the colleges of Aerospace and Electromechanical Engineering, etc. The purpose and task of this course is to make students grasp basic knowledge and skills of circuits, electrical and systems containing force and weak electricity, so as to study major courses and improve capability of engineering practice. This course focuses on the theory teaching and also strengthens the practice and training. Based on the experimental teaching center of Liaoning Province (“the experimental teaching center of electrical, electronic and information technology”), cultivate students' capability of practice and independent analyzing and solving problems.